About the owner

Nakiea Cook is the Founder of Everythingkiea, LLC, the parent company to NC Accounting and Consulting Solutions, which educates millennial men & women on understanding their cash flow for better money management, through financial literacy.

She also assist Entrepreneurs on understanding their business cash flow through research & development.

Nakiea Cook, promotes financial literacy to low to middle class individuals by working with companies & non-profit organizations. Her goal is to increase the financial skills of this demographic, so it can decrease poverty, violence and medical conditions that plaque a financially stressed individual.

Nakiea Cook, has a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from D’Youville College. An MBA from DeVry Keller School of Management, Graduate Certification in Entrepreneurship, Level II Financial Management Certification from the Department of Defense Comptroller Office, She has a certification in Financial Education Instruction, Bookkeeping, QuickBooks, as well as many other certifications pertaining to the Accounting industry. She also dedicates her time in educating youth on the importance of finances/cash flow with her EverythingkieaProject organization.

Nakiea Cook, is your Unconventional Accountant/Auditor, Speaker, Author, Mentor and Financial Coach, she doesn’t fall short when it comes to her passion of financial education. Nakiea Cooks’ name Everythingkiea is just that!

She enjoys being a resource to individuals on obtaining a positive healthy financial lifestyle. Her way of thinking was transformed when she became a mother at an early age. She knew that money was needed for her to support her child, so she sought to educate herself on just that. She was determined to understand how money could work for her & not against her. She applies the same techniques in her business today.

Nakiea’s values, mission & service revolves around her passion.The biblical words she lives by Philippians 4:13 (P413) “I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who strengthen me”. It gives her the encouragement to seek understanding, obtain the knowledge then execute!

Nakiea believes in the importance of setting financial goals and understanding personal cash flow to alter inter-generational patterns. Therefore, Nakiea host webinars, training’s and workshops. She has even participated in numerous events where she disseminates free financial information. Her main goal is to Inspire, Create and Educate (ICE) anyone she meets.

Getting the Job done…

We are solution base & here to provide you (companies and individuals), with the understanding cash flow through financial literacy and Research & Development. We help you analyze financial information so that you can make important personal financial & business decisions.

Personal finance…

Growing up in a household where money isn’t the topic of discussion, you tend to make horrible financial decisions as you grow into adulthood. Financial education became so important to me because it made me realize, that to succeed financially I had to understand where the money I was making was going and why. It’s difficult to make a positive connection with something you don’t know anything about. I want to break generational curses when it comes to money and increase the number of wealthy families. A “No” when it comes to any purchase should be an option and not an only choice.


In this world of business you must make sure that you have the tools & resources available for you to succeed. That’s why we took a different approach to research and development by implementing the tools and resources we have for you to maximize your profit & income potential.

Associations, Affiliations, Accreditation & Partners

Nakiea Has also completed workshops/speaking engagements with

United Way of Buffalo & Erie County,

Woman Succeeding Successfully,

Department of Defense, DCAA

Jack and Jill of America, Incorporated (Buffalo, NY Chapter),

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated,

Business Development with Community Action Organization,

Pathstone Enterprises,

Woman In The Spotlight Going Global,

HOPE Buffalo,

ELIM Christian Fellowship,

Sweet Home High School

Math Science Technology Preparatory School,

Junior Achievement,

Journey Into Passion with Anika S.,